Virtual Performances

Ellie Sax brings you Ibiza Virtual Events and Live Streams

Ellie Sax brings you Ibiza Virtual Events and Live Streams


Ellie Sax Virtual Events 

2020 is all about Virtual Experiences!

Bring Ibiza to you with an amazing Virtual Performance from Ellie Sax.

Ellie Sax at The Piece Hall

Ellie Sax at The Piece Hall

Virtual Events with Ellie Sax are the perfect way to bring people together online. Book Ellie to join your online conference or party to bring some amazing music and lots of ibiza magic to your event. 


When you book Ellie Sax for a virtual set or performance we work with you to bring the best solution for your chosen setting. Ellie's virtual online events can start at just one song or go all the way to hosting a virtual corporate party with DJ for 2-3 hours.

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Ellie Sax Trade Web Stream - Live From Ibiza

Ellie Sax Trade Web Stream - Live From Ibiza

Image by DaYsO


Virtual Digital Online events are still a very new concept in our world so we can understand you might have a few questions.

If you think this might be something you or your company are interested in then drop us an email and one of the team will get back to you with the perfect solution for you needs.

Bring some Ibiza love to your online event with a live set from Ellie Sax and watch your engagement go through the roof.


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Include your company branding and style in the live stream to draw people in.

Facebook Live

Want to drive engagement to your Facebook or Instagram? Why not have Ellie do a Virtual Live set direct from your Business Facebook Page.


Help us to know your style by sending over some favourite tunes that we can include in the live stream.

ready to chat?

Send us an email today so one of the team can help you to find the best digital event solution for you.